April 18, 2017

A simple new paradigm, by Frederick Soddy(1936):
“Money now is the NOTHING you get for SOMETHING
before you can get ANYTHING.”
‘SOMETHING’ must be given up to acquire the ‘NOTHING’
in order to get ‘ANYTHING’.
Money is a receipt for SOMETHING.
Money can not create SOMETHING.
This is what money is.
Money created by other means is ‘fictitious’, counterfeit.
” All smoke and mirrors.” All designed with ONE intention: ‘ To Hide The Issuers Alchemy ‘. It does not matter how the ‘money’ is coined, printed, or digitized – It is not wealth; it is a receipt
of SOMETHING given up. The value of the receipt is the transfer of the SOMETHING given up. When one understands this basic universal law, they will know of this deceit.”(Frederick Soddy)

Why a global disaster that could easily have been prevented took place.
by Edward Fullbrook
from Edward Fullbrook Steve Keen has a new book out: Can we avoid another financial crisis? Keen, as you probably know, was one of those economists – Nouriel Roubini, Dean Baker, Ann Pettifor, Michael Hudson, Wynne Godley and others – who warned well in advance that the Global Financial Crash was coming if preventive measures […]

Read more of this post https://rwer.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/why-a-global-disaster-that-could-easily-have-been-prevented-took-place/


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