“Seize The Moment” For Over NINTY Percent of “We The People”.

President Donald Trump, CEO, Executive Branch of the Government of the United States of America,
“It is time to give the power back to its rightful owners – ‘The People’. It is time to deal.”

A Historic Change For The Betterment of The People.
Allow everyone to achieve “The American Dream” and to retain their “Fair Share”
Yes,”It’s a very exciting time for America.
Their voices represent a bright new future for our great nation full of more opportunities
for everyone, not just a select few.
Together, we are creating a movement that continues to gain momentum.
Together, we are making history. Together, we are bringing back the American Dream.
The time is now, together, we will Make America Great Again!”

The US Constitution has structured this union
so that the Chief Executive Officer, CEO (The President)
is responsible to its Board of Directors, BOD (The Congress)
and with its Chief Compliance Office, CCO (The U.S. Supreme Court)
shall work together “…to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…”

The best way to attack a problem- A Solution that fixes it.
We can not negotiate with anyone that will not negotiate in ‘good faith; nor should we!
Mick Mulvaney, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Paraphrased Washington as being ‘broken’ and questioned the GOP’s capability to lead. ‘Is the Republican Party capable of governing?’ he asked. ‘I know the man in the White House is capable of governing. I saw it this week.'(Meet The Press-3/26).
Trump, the businessman who touted his ability to get things done and promised to transcend Washington politics, said he’s learned from the experience “This was an interesting period of time. We all learned a lot,” he said in the Oval Office. “We learned a lot about loyalty and we learned a lot about the vote getting process. And we learned about very arcane rules in both the Senate and the House. “Certainly for me it was a very interesting experience, but for me, it’ll be an experience that leads to an even better healthcare plan.”

President Donald Trump,
Requests your attendance and participation:
A special invitation to Senator Bernie Sanders,
Rep. John Conyers,
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and
Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
to come together at the White House for a special meeting to put together an acceptable Congressional Bill that will amend and repeal the ACA known as Obamacare, while creating ” Affordable coverage for everyone; lower deductibles and healthcare costs”.

“It’s time to rewrite the rules―to curb the runaway flow of wealth to the top one percent, to restore security and opportunity for the middle class, and to foster stronger growth rooted in broadly shared prosperity.”(Economic Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz)

Fix……………….. The American Health Care System.
Increase……. Wages, Jobs, the Standard of Living.
Decrease…… National Debt, Poverty, Inequality Gaps.

Time for American innovation to solve our problems, focus on investments-smart investments which will improve growth and pay for itself.

1. Negotiate:
Senator Bernie Sanders’ bill, S. 469 – the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act – which would help curb the skyrocketing cost of medicine for not just seniors, but all consumers, by allowing us to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

2. Negotiate:
Rep. John Conyers’ bill, H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act – a single payer universal healthcare plan.

3. Negotiate:
The American Health Care Act of 2017.
” We need to try a thrifty version of Medicare for all, with negotiated prices for drugs, hospitals, and diagnostic equipment.” (Ellen Brown, Web of Debt)

The Budget.

5. Negotiate:
An Infrastructure Plan that will create Multi-millions of jobs.

United, We shall PLEDGE to
…..establish Justice…
…..insure domestic Tranquility…
…..provide for the common defense…
Foreign, or Domestic,
…..promote the general Welfare…
Health and Education,
….secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…”
Wealth as an entitlement for the rich as well as an entitlement as a
standard of living,

A simple change in direction of doing something
for the common bettering of all the people.

United, “… after due examination and analysis,… find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.”- Buddha


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