Hillary just “short-circuited” again.

Hillary just “short-circuited” again.Claims her tax proposals and $15/ hr.
minimum wage will help you take home more money and will create more new jobs!
But the fact is: you will lose in wages and jobs.Period.
“The plan would also increase marginal tax rates on both labor and capital. As a result, the plan would reduce the size of gross domestic product (GDP) by 1 percent over the long term. This reduction in GDP would translate into 0.8 percent lower wages and 311,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs.”(http://taxfoundation.org/article/details-and-analysis-hillary-clinton-s-tax-proposals)
Hillary ignores fundamental rules of causality…everything follows what came before.
Hillary could cause a Depression as an unintended consequence of her “Economic Policies”.
A one, two sucker punch, that would destroy millions of jobs. You should not legislate U. S. corporations into a choice of either eliminating jobs and increasing prices or face bankruptcy. $15 minimum wage will force corporations to either eliminate at least half of those employed at minimum wage or they must raise their prices to survive.And then, how do you ask these same corporations to increase employment, while telling them you will not only increase their production costs; you will raise their taxes as well!
And how can Hillary say, she would punish those corporations that reduce American jobs,
while punishing those who would stay with higher costs and higher taxes ?
OK, I get it now.
Hillary’s emails….”I may have short-circuited…”
Hillary at Benghazi…”? I may have short-circuited…
Hillary’s economic plans…(read: ‘I may have short-circuited’.)



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