Trump–“The Path To The Presidency” An opportunity for a new legacy;

a/k/a JUSTALUCKYFOOL, In my humble opinion:

Trump–“The Path To The Presidency”
An opportunity for a new legacy;
The Five Greatest Presidents Of The United States:
…Washington, …Jefferson,…Lincoln,…Roosevelt,…TRUMP. ?
EIGHTY percent of the people desire a change, a revolution.
History has allowed only one candidate to remain to be that leader-
Donald J Trump.

Quote Frederick Soddy (The Role Of Money 1934),
“After the War, a cry went up for scientific men to cooperate with the financial, industrial, and political authorities in solving the social evils that brought
on the War and which have since made Peace nothing but a misnomer. But the strange and unconventional conclusions of the few who had brought to social problems the same searching and original thought that they were accustomed to apply in their own inquiries, frightened, not
the public, but those whose interest in such problems is to keep them reconciled with things as they are. Those who persisted in shedding light on social evils and anomalies were deemed impious, and the conclusions tabooed. But it is the merest folly to suppose that in these days
any sweeping generalization that clarifies existing great issues can be suppressed. Now that there are signs that the Age of Plenty school of monetary reformers is winning, and that the conspiracy of silence on the part of the “respectable” Press has failed, we may assess the cost. Fifteen
years of golden opportunity have been wasted, the time having been devoted instead to the exacerbation of the disease. Policies, which now everyone knows were the exact opposite of those required by the facts, such as economizing, or producing more and consuming less, have worked themselves out to their inevitable results. The public is expected to believe that the misfortunes that beset us are acts of God and that, though we have the science and the necessary equipment and organization to produce wealth in abundance, it is beyond the wit of man to learn how to distribute it. The problem, it is true, is new, and the approach to it obscured, often intentionally, by a mass of half-truths and once-truths. But its solution has not been rendered any nearer or clearer by the puerile effort of the post-War era to suppress free public discussion of the new doctrines, an issue that was fought out and won
in physical science in the time of Galileo.
Wars and Revolutions Result from Wealth. The reader will no doubt be able to supply for himself
many striking confirmations of the theory that wars and revolution result not from poverty and
misery but from the growth of wealth and the futile attempt to resist its distribution.”

Millions now realize;… the economy is rigged, …the justice system is rigged,
…the health care system is rigged, …the employment system is rigged,
all part of an economic system that is really just a rigged political system.
Fortunately, this November voters across America will still have the choice to cast a revolutionary vote to “… We need to commit to improving the lives of all Americans, not just the wealthy and special interests.”

“The Make America Great Again 2016 Platform”

Donald Trump, “Carpe Diem” (“seize the day”)
““We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…”

My PLEDGE to you,
…..establish Justice…
… domestic Tranquility…
…..provide for the common defense…
Foreign, or Domestic,
…..promote the general Welfare
Health and Education,
….secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,…”
Wealth as an entitlement for rich as well as an entitlement for a
standard of living FOR ALL.

A simple change in direction of doing something for the common bettering of all the people.

Now we need your PLEDGE to us.
This change in direction can not be done without your vote.
The U S Constitution has structured this union so that the Chief Executive Officer (The President) is responsible to its Board of Directors (The Congress).
Your vote will be that Pledge!
When you enter that election booth take one minute to tell yourself,
“This is the moment of truth. I have been pounded and battered by this
rigged system; ‘enough is enough’. I have the power to change this system NOW !
I can and I shall !”

For details of Proposals for-Decrease in Inequality Gaps,-Decrease in Poverty,-Increase in wages (standard of living),
– Debt sustainability, send request via email …



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